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What is the world coming to?

To be or not to be that is the question. Shakespeare was on to something. But first things first. Welcome to my inaugural page We The Unhoused. This is the hub and educational spot to inform and educate people about the Unhoused community. Too often, you hear the most horrible things about 60,000+ houseless people. People who are supposed to be educated, kind and compassionate(so they believe) people. Mention the Unhoused community, eyes bulge, teeth grind, inhalation of breath is heard, fists clench, letters are fired off, acts of violence happen, Business Improvement Districts and neighborhood councils are formed, police are called, police are invited to quality of life sessions, Council members throw rocks and hide their hands, Neighborhood prosecutors are sought and finally laws are enacted to target a group of people struggling day to day on the streets. Some would argue, that the world is a cold place and the Unhoused deserves our contempt. I contend, that the world is created of cold people. So To be or not be was a question, Shakespeare asked. I will improve upon that question To be or not to be kind and compassionate is the real question.

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