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Theo began the We the Unhoused podcast while living in a park in the Chinatown neighborhood of Los Angeles using only his cell phone. His goal was to shine a light on the lived realities of unhoused people by telling their stories in their voices. 

Since that time his advocacy and his podcast has spread around the world - inspiring many housed and unhoused people alike to join together and fight for better conditions and more 

Let us meet in the light of understanding

Theo Henderson


J-TOWN Action and Solidarity

Echo Park Trash Club



Since 2020, We the Unhoused has been partnering with J-Town Action & Solidarity to run weekly Power Up Tables at Toriumi Plaza in Little Tokyo every Saturday  from 2-5pm. Here, people can charge their phones and connect with key supplies and community members. 

Echo Park Trash Club.jpeg

Echo Park Trash Club is a group of volunteers who come together to keep Echo Park clean. They step up where the city is not and clean trash from encampments as well as the every day debris that collects in the neighborhood. Theo is currently an advisor to EPTC.

Polos Pantry Logo.jpg

Founded by Melissa Acedera, Polo's Pantry is a Los Angeles based food justice organization, dedicated to mutual aid, advocacy, and community building in LA's many food deserts. Theo currently serves in an advisory role.

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