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We the

An Unhoused Media & Advocacy Group

This is the We the Unhoused logo. It isa colorful drawing on a gold background. There are four blue fists and a red fist in the center. The words say, "We the Unhoused" and below it "Let us meet in the light of understanding"

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Register & Help Make Change

Volunteer, Participate, or Donate

Giving the Unhoused a Voice. 

We the Unhoused creates news and media for the unhoused by the unhoused. We foster a safe space for the unhoused community and our allies to access accurate information, education, support, camaraderie and resources to build a better tomorrow. By debunking the harmful, racist and stigmatizing myths that motivate carceral policy decisions, we hope to show people a better way, where we can all meet in the light of understanding.

Theo Henderson, a black man, stands in front of a table with three cell phone chargers on it. There is a banner hanging in front of the table that says, "Power Up to the People. Charge your devices + more" The area around Theo is bustling with activity.

The journey towards a necessary revolution is fraught with danger, misunderstanding and fearlessness. How many of us are ready to take this journey?

Theo Henderson, a black man, wears gold sunglasses, and a vibrant print sweatsuit. He holds a megaphone in his hand and speaks to a large audience at a protest.

 Theo Henderson 

 A Truly Fearless Leader. 

Meet Theo

Theodore Henderson is an unhoused Angeleno advocating for the rights of the most vulnerable: those forgotten by the system.

His acclaimed podcast We The Unhoused sheds light on the daily hardships that the unhoused community in Los Angeles faces as he interviews a different unhoused guest in each episode. 

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The Podcast

We The Unhoused is a podcast that lifts the voices and struggles of the unhoused in LA and beyond. Host Theo Henderson is currently unhoused and resides in Chinatown, Los Angeles. He tackles issues such as police brutality, harassment, policy, and the survival challenges of unhoused people. Through a series of interviews, we will discuss issues that are germane to unhoused people like the cost of living, gentrification, health struggles, harm reduction, and trauma-informed care. The revolution will be heard on this podcast. Tune in each week to be a part of it.

Theo Henderson, a black man, wearing a tie dyed sweatshirt and a mask, interviews an unhoused white woman outside an encampment.

Meeting in the light of understanding requires, introspection, and openness

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