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Mission Statement

To provide accurate news coverage for the unhoused community about the unhoused community. To educate the housed community on how to debunk the anti-Unhoused sentiment that permeates the world.

Ways to listen

Lifting the Voices and Struggles of the Unhoused in LA and Beyond

Theodore Henderson is an unhoused Angeleno advocating for the rights of the most vulnerable: those forgotten by the system.

His podcast "We The Unhoused" sheds light on the daily hardships that the unhoused community in Los Angeles faces as he interviews a different unhoused guest in each episode. 


Theodore's work has received recognition from big publications like BBC and the LA Times. He strives to elevate the voice of the unhoused in the media and talk to them, not at them.




To keep this project alive, I rely on your donations, visit my Patreon page to find out more how you can help


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